Device will use visual, vibration and emergency call alerts to improve safety for single pilot aircraft

Safetyn, a device which is set to improve safety for single pilots, is set to be launched by the end of 2019.

The Safetyn box can be fitted to the flight panel of light aircraft, gliders and helicopters and will also be available for use in the urban air market.

The device, which is set to become available to pilots and flight instructors at the end of 2019, ensures safety alerts will be better amplified to single pilots of small aircraft. Safetyn will operate to overcome unintentional deafness towards alerts such as landing gear unretractable.

Safety call out feature

Safetyn will boost the alert with a visual description on screen, then through vibration via a physiological device. There will also be a safety call button similar to features already available within the automotive market – if landing gear still hasn’t been retracted, this will trigger an emergency call similar to that already used in the automotive industry.

Arnaud Violland, co-founder and CEO of Safetyn said: “Additional layers are added so we are able to do all that we can to avoid fatal crashes happening.”

The device will also have data capture facilities, enabling pilots to review a record after their flight.

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