Digital strategy specialist Accenture is helping companies overcome hurdles around adoption of AI and automated processes to ensure companies stay relevant within the sector

Helping companies overcome “skittishness” over the growing interface between humans and machines is one of the hurdles currently being tackled by digital strategists Accenture.

Accenture is using technological innovations such as AI and automation to help companies within the aerospace and defence sector to capture the opportunities and efficiencies that these technologies bring. Joyce Klein, MD North America, Aerospace and Defence Digital said there were many ways to look at the role of artificial intelligence. She said robotic process animation, would remove and automate “mundane, very manual tasks” so that employees could move to higher level activities .

‘Huge chasm’ in ability to deploy new technologies

Accenture helps companies to integrate these new technologies into their businesses. Klein explained: “For many of our clients, there’s a desire to use these capabilities and skills but a huge chasm in terms of the actual ability to actually deploy these capabilities, so that’s an opportunity for Accenture but also an opportunity for our clients as well.”

The company uses algorithms to speed up processes or activities to make them more intelligent and turn them into more value added and seamless, automated processes.

“Some of our research cited the fact that for many organisations there’s actually some challenges around the use of humans and machines and the interface between the two,” added Klein. “There’s a feeling in a number of organisations that people are afraid or skittish around the use of the technology – that’s one of the things we try to overcome is how the technology can be used in partnership with the actual people who are doing the work.”

“At the end of the day its an enabler and how can we try to find all these opportunities whereby AI machine learning can help people do their job better and more effective.”


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