BRM Aero, a manufacturer of two-seater training aircraft, and H55, a leading provider of electric propulsion systems, have announced the commercialisation of the B23 Energic aircraft, with the opening of the order book.

The B23 Energic will be the first clean and efficient fully electric aircraft in the CS-23 general aviation category, with the first deliveries to a selected group of launch customers scheduled early next year, in parallel to full scale commercialisation.

The two companies are partnering closely in:

  • Providing in early 2025, the first set of aircraft to a select group of flight schools and pilot training academies at advantageous commercial conditions
    Opening the order book for aircraft deliveries in 2025
    Finalising the certification process with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the aeroplane and EPS Type Certificate, by early next year
    Flying and showcasing the B23 Energic to and at Aero 24 in Friedrichshafen

The B23 Energic represents a shift in electric aircraft design, offering performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

With a maximum take-off weight of 850kg, 60 minutes of endurance, plus reserves, and an hour charge time (depending on environmental conditions and available current), it promises lower ownership costs and the flexibility to upgrade batteries at the end of their useful life on the aircraft.

“We are thrilled to bring the B23 Energic aircraft to the market as the first CS-23 certified electric airplane,” said André Borschberg, Executive Chairman of H55.

“BRM was one our first customers. Our partnership represents a huge step towards realizing electric aviation as well as underscoring our shared commitment to a sustainable future in aviation. These electric flight trainers will pave the way for the development of larger electric aircraft needed to decarbonize air transportation”.

“We are excited to partner with H55 to bring the B23 Energic aircraft to market,” says Martin Bristela, CEO of BRM Aero.

“This collaboration marks a major milestone in our mission to offer innovative and eco-friendly solutions for personal and training aviation. We eagerly anticipate delivering the B23 Energic to customers who share our passion for sustainability and cutting-edge technology.”

Martin Larose, H55’s chief executive officer, added: “As we unveil the B23 Energic Aircraft for market delivery, we’re not just introducing a product; we’re catalysing a revolution in aviation.

“With the B23 Energic, we’re not just offering a cleaner and more efficient training aircraft; we’re ushering in a new era of sustainable flight.

“This is a testament to our shared vision of a future where aviation is not only greener but also more accessible and innovative.”Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter

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