H55, the Swiss company developing electric propulsion and battery management systems European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) agreeing to its Compliance Checklist for its electric motor and motor controller, demonstrating the safety and performance of the entire electric propulsion management system (EPS).

H55 has recently gained approval for its battery packs and energy management systems. These two achievements position the company as the first to satisfy all certification requirements for the entire EPS which includes the motor, motor controller, battery modules and energy management systems.

The agreement with EASA means H55 is now fully authorized to complete the certification test programme for its propulsion unit and for its overall EPS, a step towards a final regulatory approval phase.

These certifications are tailored for general aviation and commuter applications with the first set of systems being integrated into certified flight trainers which will soon enter the market.

Founded and led by the Solar Impulse veterans André Borschberg, Sebastien Demont and Gregory Blatt, H55 “is committed to enabling the aviation industry to reach net Zero emissions, offering cutting-edge technologies for a greener and more efficient future of air travel”.

Said Borschberg: “Certification has and continues to be one of the cornerstones of our strategy. This agreement represents a significant step forward on our company’s development, as well as bringing electric aviation to the market and reducing the aviation industry’s environmental footprint. I am especially excited about this development as we are closer to seeing the first set of certified electric airplanes soon taking to the skies.”

In addition to its certification activities in Europe with EASA, H55 is actively engaged with the US Federal Aviation Agency and Transport Canada in pursuit of North American type certification.