Archer, a leader in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, has announced key strategic hires to bolster its government relations efforts and a new office opening in Washington DC.

Former FAA Administrator and current Archer executive, Billy Nolen, is now Archer’s Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer leading Archer’s government affairs efforts and Melissa McCaffrey joined the team to lead its efforts at the US state and local levels.

Lynda Tran, former Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Transportation and Director of Public Engagement at the US Department of Transportation, has also joined in an advisory capacity.

Archer’s new Washington DC office is located near FAA and DOT headquarters and will include a display area where Archer will showcase its leading electric aviation technology to visiting policymakers and world leaders.

“This strategic move is part of our proactive approach to progressing through the regulatory process here in the US as efficiently as possible so that we can help ensure our country continues to define the future of global aviation,” said Billy Nolen, Archer Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer.

“Showcasing our leading eVTOL aircraft technologies to leaders in the nation’s capital will help bring to life our vision to transform cities by reducing traffic with safe, quiet electric air taxis.”

The announcement comes as Archer continues to rapidly advance through the US regulatory process for certifying its Midnight aircraft, reinforcing its progress on the path toward commercial flight operations.

Archer’s goal is to transform urban travel, replacing 60–90-minute commutes by car with estimated 10-20 minute electric air taxi flights that are safe, sustainable, low noise, and cost-competitive with ground transportation.

Archer’s Midnight is a piloted, four-passenger aircraft designed to perform rapid back-to-back flights with minimal charge time between flights.
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