Vertiport designer Urban-Air Port has reached a collaboration agreement with LG Electronics that will see the technology company increase its participation in UAP’s development of advanced air mobility infrastructure concepts.

The agreement was signed by LG’s Head of ID Global Sales & Marketing and Executive Chairman of Urban-Air Port, Ricky Sandhu.

UAP has collaborated with LG since 2022, when LG supplied digital infrastructure for its Coventry vertiport demonstrator, AirOne (main image).

According to UAP Founder Ricky Sandhu (pictured), the first step in this relationship will be development of an LG-enabled Urban Air Port AirOne Next Gen vertiport reference design. In the longer term, the two firms’ technical and research divisions will collaborate on use cases and specifications for multiple applications.

Sandhu says: “We are very excited about revealing our fully coordinated, UAP and LG reference design vertiport for order on spec. This industry needs to scale and to do that, consolidation across multi levels will be required – this simplification for vertiports is one more positive step towards bringing this technology to market.”

“The urban air mobility market is only in its infancy, but with so much investment going into developing the vehicles, there remains a huge opportunity to design, create, and deploy the multi-faceted infrastructure that’s required to enable them. Urban-Air Port are a true leader in that space, and with our expertise in developing smart solutions for retail, transportation, and digital experiences, we see huge potential for the future in this long-term collaboration,” says Seamus Walsh, Enterprise Manager for Energy, Industry, Mobility, LG Electronics Business Solutions Europe.
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