Atech, a subsidiary of the Brazilian aerospace giant Embraer, has been developing and integrating solutions in its home country but is extending it services to other continents.

The company is working on an integrated surveillance system in Mauritania which will help determine use of airspace between the military and the growing civil aviation business within Aftica.

“We have a lot of integrated fix it and mobile centres and we are able really to provide an integrated surveillance in terms of air and land surveillance in the whole country,” said Atech Business Director Giacomo Feres Staniscia. “Besides that, we are not only providing technology, but we are working together with Mauritania in order to get acquainted with the solutions and get their future operators with all the knowledge needed for performing such a complex operation.”

Integrated systems solution

The company will be applying its experience of working in integrated systems solutions in Brazil and applying it to Mauritania’s airspace.

Staniscia explained: “We have a very good experience, the strongest experience in Brazil, where air traffic control is integrated to our defence. So, the centres do share some of the infrastructure in terms of communication, in terms of sensors, and also in terms of procedures.”

The integrated environment of the system would quickly be able to distinguish aircraft based on the information held. Staniscia added: “If it’s a known aircraft with a designated flight plan, it will be easily identified as a friend and otherwise, there would be an unknown aircraft and a military operation will take place. So that’s really how we operate and that’s the expertise we have from the system we developed in Brazil.”

The company has also established a training academy in Mauritania providing not only systems training, but training on procedures and processes.