Korita Aviation is helping airlines lower costs through design of lightweight cabin trolleys.

The Dutch company which manufactures different equipment for aircraft in China, including a range of standard Atlas trolleys.

Although many airlines are moving towards composites for onboard equipment, Korita is concentrating at the moment on using light and durable metals for strength and durability.

Jamie Melleny, Sales Manager of Korita Aviation, said: “We’ve concentrated really on traditional materials, very strong aluminium materials and we’ve reduced the weight a lot. There’s not a huge difference in the weights any more, but aluminium is recognised as being a very strong durable trolley.”

He added: “Many of the airlines now want something is going to last the test of time, that’s going to do the job for them. That needs to be lightweight. But at the same time, it’s got to be manoeuvrable and robust.”

Keeping cool with thermal insulation

With airlines moving towards greater cost savings, Korita is also building capabilities in its trolleys such as thermal insulation which reduce the costs of using additional dry ice or chillers.

“One of the innovations we’re looking at in the future, and through continued design, is to offer trolleys that offer a high level of insulation, much more thermal and better insulation properties so that they remain cooler for much much longer without affecting the weight of the trolley.”