X-Bow Systems has completed the System Requirements Review (SRR) for the Large Solid Rocket Motor (LSRM) programme on schedule.

This is the first major technical review for the X-Bow programme. The X-Bow team is now proceeding with preliminary design, critical component qualification activities, and material procurement.

“Affordable weapon systems are crucial for ensuring accessible defense capabilities. Achieving this milestone signifies X-Bow’s commitment of innovation, paired with shortened design and development timelines, and a focus on affordability,” stated Tony Spidale, X-Bow LSRM Programme Director.

“This accomplishment underscores the teamwork of our industry partners and collaboration with the US Navy and US Army to provide much needed resources to the warfighter.”

J Petrie, contract support to the Department of Defense’s Innovation Capability and Modernisation office which funds X-Bow’s LSRM effort, closed the SRR by summarising the importance of this engineering milestone and the LSRM programme.

“Your collaboration and uniting of experts from multiple organisations is not just a remarkable achievement in engineering, but a critical contribution to our nation’s security.”

X-Bow’s world-class team includes both known industry providers and non-traditional partners to establish a cost effective and increased domestic industrial base capacity.

In March 2023, X-Bow finalised a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement with Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD) that leverages their capabilities for future programmes, including the LSRM programme.

Other key LSRM partners include Leidos Dynetics, Karman Space & Defense, and multiple domestic non-traditional small businesses employing over 200 highly skilled employees across four states, each offering cost reduction opportunities while expanding the SRM industrial base sources of supply.
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