Destinus is developing the ‘future of aviation’, according to Davide Bonetti, VP of business development and product, enabling travel at hypersonic speeds using hydrogen in cryogenic condition as the main fuel.

The company is testing the technology using its flight demonstrators, and at Paris Air Show 2023 it unveiled the third demonstrator for the first time to the world.

“Its going to be the first supersonic unmanned vehicle fuelled by hydrogen in cryogenic condition,” Bonetti explained. “The ultimate product we want to deploy is the first business jet transportation solution for 25 passengers at Mach 5, and then a very, very large system for 400 passenger Mach 5 transportation.”

Destinus has so far tested several components of the propulsion system in flight with its demonstrators, including the mixing and burning of gaseous hydrogen with oxygen in the after burner, as well as the guidance navigation and control solution for autonomous operations.

“The company is also moving at hypersonic speed – we are quite new and have been in the market for a couple of years,” said Bonetti. “We want to hit the market with spin off products in the next few years and the ultimate products with hypersonic passenger transportation will by 15 years for now, so it is a long road.”


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