Volt Aero’s Cassio 330 electric-hybrid aircraft offers a wealth of capabilities including regional transportation and medical flights according to Jean Botti, the company’s CEO and CTO.

“Volt Aero makes a range of aeroplanes, from five seats to 12 seats. They are hybrid electric and the important thing to remember is you always take off and land electric, so we’re not only looking at CO2 reduction but also noise reduction,” he explained.

“As for applications, it is for regional aviation, medical evacuation because you can put a stretcher in there with a nurse, a doctor and a pilot, and then you can also look at goods transportation like organs that you need very fast,” he added.

The company has changed the design of the Cassio 330, reducing the number of props from three to one to ensure maximum noise reduction for 24/7 operations. The aircraft currently utilises a four-cylinder Kawasaki engine, but this will be increased to a six-cylinder for the six-seater aircraft.

Botti also explained how the company is developing the aircraft to use other fuel types, including testing biofuel with the Cassio S prototype and developing a hydrogen motor with Kawasaki that will be available by the end of 2024.

Volt Aero is continuing to work towards certification, which it began in 2021. It has passed two points successfully and has two more to go, which it aims to pass by 2024. “Once we have passed, that’s when we get the type certificate which will allow us to fabricate this aircraft and go into production and delivery in 2025,” Botti explained.

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