Start-up airline Riyadh Air continues to tease the aviation world with the unveiling of its 787 livery at Paris Air Show 2023 and will continue to reveal its developments over the next two years, chief executive Tony Douglas told FINN.

“The reveal of the livery of Riyadh Air on a 787 is actually one of two liveries – we’re going to release another one later this year,” he explained. “This one has created an internet sensation, it’s been described as the most stunning aviation livery in history, it should be on the front pages of Vogue, and we love comments like that! The livery makes a statement – its about modernity, about having a five-star incredible product with a digital twist.”

For Douglas, the Saudi market holds plenty of potential both in terms of its size – it is the size of half of Western Europe – and economy, the second fastest growing in the world behind India. However, Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh isn’t connected well enough to the world.

“Our current point-to-point traffic is 93%. If you go to one of our closest neighbours it is the complete opposite example – Qatar and Qatar Airways have about 80% transfer traffic because they have an amazing network and wonderful connectivity. So for us it is about connecting Riyadh to the world, and the world to Riyadh – 100 cities in the next seven years,” Douglas said.

The company made an order in March for 72 Boeing 787s, mainly due to its sustainability credentials, but it is now involved in a narrow body campaign and as soon as that is concluded it will tell the world – continuing Riyadh Air’s ‘tease and reveal’ launch method.

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