TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered technologies for performance critical applications, has announced it has been awarded a contract supporting feasibility studies relating to the technology development on the Tempest programme.

Harnessing TT’s extensive engineering expertise, TT Electronics will develop electrical power solutions in support of this crucial next generation combat air platform.

Team Tempest is composed of the UK Ministry of Defence and industry partners BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Leonardo UK, and MBDA, which are all working together to deliver world firsts in advanced technical capabilities.

Advanced military platforms

BAE Systems continues to be one of the most recognised names in the global defence industry as they lead many of the world’s most advanced military platforms.

“We are proud to support Team Tempest. Our working relationship with BAE Systems is truly collaborative and this win provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship we have built on for so many years,” said Matt Yeates, VP/GM, TT Electronics.

This award continues a longstanding business relationship between TT Electronics and BAE Systems with the most recent collaboration being within the Tempest programme for a DC-DC Converter used within the Flight Control System (FCS) that delivers power conversion functionality to a number of elements within the FCS.

TT’s dedicated team will actively support Team Tempest where possible to secure the UK’s future as a global leader in combat air.

Team Tempest

Team Tempest is a UK partnership that brings together British industry leaders BAE Systems, Leonardo UK, Rolls-Royce, MBDA UK, alongside the Ministry of Defence, to generate the technologies and experience required for the UK to lead the development of a next generation combat air system.

A new flying demonstrator will be unveiled within the next five years.

The demonstrator aircraft is already in development between the Government and Team Tempest industry partners and the UK is actively progressing collaboration opportunities on the project with Italian industry partners.Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter