Team Tempest is making progress as its develops the UK’s “next generation combat air capability”, John Stocker, business development director at BAE Systems, has said.

Speaking at the Farnborough International Airshow, he said a demonstrator aircraft would be flown within the next five years.

Future workforce

And in a boost for the future workforce, he added that BAE Systems would be expanding recruitment as the programme develops.

Team Tempest is a UK partnership that brings together British industry leaders BAE Systems, Leonardo UK, Rolls-Royce, MBDA UK, alongside the Ministry of Defence, to generate the technologies and experience required for the UK to lead the development of a next generation combat air system.

Front edge capability

Stocker commented: “This is a really exciting programme where we are developing and driving that next generation combat air capability, which is going to deliver that future front edge capability for the UK, the Royal Air Force and also our international partners.

“We’re going to be flying a demonstrator aircraft, which will be a low observable crewed supersonic aircraft within the next five years, which is a huge step for the programme for us to be able to showcase what we’re doing and the technologies we’re putting through.”

Recruitment drive

He continued: “We are really progressing the partnership with our Italian and Japanese partners and we’re now undertaking joint concept work on the core platform.

“And we’re really proud of this because it’s so important for the future of this programme but also the country, a big uptick in the skills and recruitment drive, especially for young people to come and join the programme.”
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