Tecnam has launched its P-Mentor training aircraft for the US market at EAA AirVenture. The aircraft, which is already in operation in the European training market, aims to transform the US training and personal flying marketplace through superior flight performance, state-of-the-art technology with Garmin avionics, and low operating cost and CO2 emissions.

Walter Da Costa, Tecnam’s chief sales officer, commented, “We are very excited to launch the P-Mentor in the United States, during Oshkosh 2023. Our fleet solution is unique in the market, ensuring reliability, cost control, intelligent training and low emissions. Together with the most prestigious flight schools, we are proud to innovate the flight training paradigm in the USA.”

The P-Mentor is a two seater aircraft used by many flight schools to train students from their first flight up to their CPL-IR on a single platform. The aircraft features a variable pitch propeller, a simulated retractable landing gear and an optional ballistic parachute, making its ideal for the training market.

During the unveiling ceremony at EAA AirVenture on 26 July, Tecnam also disclosed the launch customers that will be using the P-Mentor for their flying school needs: Kansas-based Kilo Charlie Aviation, Vermont Flight Academy, Melbourne Flight Training in Florida and Stephen F. Austin State University, based in Texas.

Tom D’Orso executive director, Vermont Flight Academy, commented, “The P-Mentor will be a game changer for our Flight Academy. We currently fly a mix of aircraft and the P-Mentor will replace our legacy aircraft and offer our students a current innovative training platform that meets the requirements of both the business plan and student growth forecast at Vermont Flight Academy.”

According to Tecnam, flight schools operating the company’s single- and twin-engine fleet can save as much as 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions for every single student graduating with a Commercial Pilot License

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