Tawazun Economic Council and Swiss-based Pilatus Aircraft Ltd have entered into an offset agreement with advanced composite aero structures manufacturing company Strata Manufacturing (Strata), adding a further three composite work packages for the PC-24 aircraft models.

The agreement was signed by Matar Ali Al Romaithi, Tawazun’s Chief Economic Development Officer, Ismail Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata Manufacturing and Johan van Nieuwenhuizen, Director of Industrial Participation of Pilatus.

Under the seven-year agreement, Pilatus will award Strata three additional work packages for the PC-24 – the world’s first Super Versatile Jet: two for autoclave manufacturing, of pylon fairings, bullet fairings and tail cones, and one, for the first time in the UAE, to manufacture aerospace class hot press composite parts. The agreement is a fulfilment of the Tawazun Economic Program’s obligation that aims to generate economic value and create social and strategic benefits to the UAE.

Supporting “development of the wider industry in the UAE”

Matar Al Romaithi, Tawazun Chief Economic Development Officer said: “This agreement demonstrates Tawazun’s continued efforts and commitment to providing innovative solutions and creating economic development and commercial value for all companies involved in procurement programmes. We are supporting the interests of all parties as well as the development of the wider industry in the UAE, as guided by our wise leadership.”

Al Romaithi added: “In addition to solidifying the UAE’s leading position in the aviation industry, Tawazun’s goal is to continue to contribute to the diversification of the national economy by integrating local suppliers into global supply chains, and aiding the UAE in becoming more competitive as we focus on and attract innovation and technology.”

“The extended agreement marks the next step in a long-term partnership aimed at delivering further high quality composite work packages for Pilatus in the UAE,” added Ismail Ali Abdulla, CEO of Strata.

Agreement highlights Strata’s advanced supply chain capabilities

“Pilatus is a key customer of our global partner network and the expanded agreement highlights Strata’s advanced technological capabilities in the global aerospace supply chain – including our ‘Made with Pride in the UAE’ components. It also highlights the confidence Pilatus has in Strata’s manufacturing abilities and excellent delivery record, which we have continued to exceed year-on-year during our 10-year history of pioneering the UAE’s aero structures manufacturing sector.”

Supported by Tawazun Economic Council under the Tawazun Economic programme, Strata has previously entered into partnerships with global leading aircraft manufacturers including Boeing and Airbus. Its contract with Pilatus is set to enhance its position as a major contributor to global value chains by offering “Made with Pride in UAE” products.

Roman Emmenegger, VP of Manufacturing of Pilatus, said: “We are extremely satisfied and today we further strengthen our relationship with this significant extension to our agreement. We are also proud that one of the packages will establish a new capability to manufacture hot press composites at Strata, a first in the UAE.”

“Pilatus is committed to further strengthen our relationship with the UAE which dates back over thirty years supporting the UAE Air Force with our PC-21 and PC-7 training aircraft, and the creation of aerospace centres of excellence with major players such as Strata.”

Strata to help ramp up production of PC-24

Strata will support Pilatus’ goal of ramping up its production rate for PC-24 aircraft to serve the global market. The pylon, an aerodynamic panel surface for engine pylon systems and structures, bullet fairing and tail cone, that houses aircraft flying control operating mechanisms, and the new aerospace class hot press capabilities, expands Strata’s standing as a global composite manufacturer.

Last year, Tawazun Economic Council announced a series of changes to the Tawazun Economic Program which channels investment into key sectors of the economy. The new programme supports key strategic UAE government objectives, while creating more value for its defence contractor partners. It also allows for the development of technology-driven solutions which extend beyond the defence and security industry.

Strata is wholly-owned by Mubadala Investment Company PJSC.


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