Josh Hemphrey, digital content manager at FINN, reflects on 2022.

Well, 2022 is nearly over. Crazy talk. Nonsense. I struggle to comprehend how quick this year has gone.

As a country, we’ve seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows across the board. But at this time of year, we reunite with friends and family, feel festive (I’m writing this as I wear a questionable Christmas jumper) and share laughs, memories and connections, and it almost makes it worth the while.

And for 365 days in the year, FINN has been delivering a digital hub for your aerospace and aviation industry news, offering thought-provoking insight on a global scale.

On a personal level, it has been humbling to see so many brilliant pieces of content drip-fed on FINN’s channels over the course of the year.

With the main helping of 2 global airshows, and a glaze of smaller events such as Space-Comm Expo, resulted in the FINN team being around the event floor, getting the ‘scoop’ on exclusives, and interviewing top-tiered people from the titans of industry.

But not only that, we’ve seen new partners and contributors working closely with us to develop their marketing automation and provide a very catered audience for their exciting products and developments!

We would not be able to fulfil this crazy year without our editors, journalists, experts, presenters, production crews, agencies, and industry leaders. Thank you all!

Future of flight

The future of flight is one theme that has seen hefty investment, time and dedication allocated to, and rightfully so. The thought of potentially seeing innovative modes of transport in our skies and not causing any harm to the environment is exciting. Not something I expected to see make as much progress as it has during the Covid-19 hiatus.

Speaking to various companies during the year, the impression I got was the lengthy break was used to reassess and redevelop, for scoping and launch by the 2050 net-zero targets. And what seemed a wild dream, is now something tangible.

Sustainability the buzz word

I can almost guarantee every company we’ve interviewed this year; the word sustainability is uttered in conversation. Even if it was me behind the camera, engrossed in the discussion.

I won’t go all David Attenborough on you all, but the ever-real threat of climate change is causing havoc on all walks of life.

However, it is refreshing to see efforts being made in the industry, albeit only referring to it in their strategies and statements. I am confident we will see physical forms of action and effort, and that is something 2023 could have behind the curtain.

FINN on top of the tree

The channel itself saw growth like its never seen- with a unique reach of over 100,000 across website, mailer and social media. The hard work and commitment at Farnborough International Airshow 2022 resulted in over 24,000 new subscribers to our weekly ‘SNAPSHOT’ mailer.

Not only that, the launch of our LinkedIn in June allowed us to connect even more with the aerospace and aviation industry, bridging that metaphorical gap between communities and offering a new avenue of digesting content.

FINN will no doubt continue to strive in 2023, with more exciting events and shows, and even more catered content delivered straight to your smart phones, tablets and computers.

But as we reflect on 2022, I think I can safely say that with 175+ FINN exclusive videos and 700+ news articles, FINN is on top of the tree this Christmas, maybe even angle for a Christmas NO.1? Watch this space…Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter