Rebecca Farquhar, head of FINN, looks back on a frenetic 2022.

What a year! 2022 has seen the return of face-to-face events and FINN ( being unlocked and loaded to become a key media player at the primary airshows and launches across the globe. It feels good to be back and with it has come an increased level of empowerment to achieve greater things across the industry with more dynamism and optimism.

We have been given the opportunity to be back where we belong, from Farnborough International Airshow, Space-Comm and Bahrain International Airshow, and have filmed with multi event crews to produce our continued dynamic mix of filmed content and editorial. To be given the choice again to be able to engage with aerospace industry leaders, innovators, and journalists in person or via digital means has transitioned our lives back to a once taken for granted medium.

365-day strategy

Filming content and creating a 365-day strategy is at our core and whilst it has been a long and hard year, or few years, 2023 looks more appetizing than ever. We find ourselves in a place unvisitable and invisible for the last few years until now where we can plan to produce insight-led content for the future. It is all a bit revolutionary.

The industry is full of excitement, promise and determination for sustainability, future flight, and diversity. It has by no means reached its potential but the next 12-24 months will see the beginnings of a dramatic shift towards clean aviation, different fuels, and technologies, a welcome to new and supported SMEs with engineering techniques from outside the box of the old and established brands, a hopeful increase in women in the workforce and innovations beyond our wildest dreams.

Our FINN content and topics will be driven by industry news and these developments, and with it comes a hope to see this groundbreaking industry about to explode into a new era of Earth and Space travel with space ports and launches rising all over the globe like crests of waves in an ocean.

Future technologies

The combination of future technologies, SAF, hydrogen, electricity and new forming ecosystems with choice and endeavour to entice us mere mortals to engage in a variety of land and in air advancements will see some of the biggest shifts in our lives. There will be industry announcements on regulation, safety, awareness, and education, and at FINN we will welcome all insights and opinions, and we look forward to being part of the future landscape.

As we work hard to keep up with the trends of 2023 and beyond, we have a multitude of event content planned for you at Space-Comm, Paris Airshow, DSEI, Sustainable Skies, GUASS, Dubai Airshow and more, across all topic areas affecting this enticing and all-encompassing industry.

We are very much looking forward to 2023 and welcoming you and your news onto the channel after seeing a 2022 where the doors once again started to creek open.

Happy New Year…
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