Rolls-Royce has introduced Intelligent Insights, which it will develop into a suite of tools designed to speed decision making and improve the quality of data harnessed for customers.

Intelligent Insights is part of the company’s IntelligentEngine vision, launched earlier this year. It reflects how products and services have become inseparable due to digital technology.

The first Intelligent Insights tool, Technical Insight, is being presented by the company at MRO Americas, in Orlando, US. The company claims it will benefit both airline technical services teams and Rolls-Royce service delivery specialists as they strive to improve the reliability of dispatch.

Automated processing

It automates the application of Natural Language techniques to process engine maintenance log data, unlocking the potential for a step change in delay and cancellation performance.

This data is connected with other parameters in the cloud, then insights are delivered via visualisation tools for line maintenance in an app, and via the Rolls-Royce Care portal.

Tom Palmer, Rolls-Royce, Senior Vice President – Services, Civil Aerospace, said, “Using digital technology to support the customer is at the heart of our IntelligentEngine vision. Our Intelligent Insights suite and launch of Technical Insight is another step on that journey.”

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