Aeronautics launched its latest UAV in their fleet, the Orbiter 5, at the Paris Air Show to a packed audience. A culmination of many years of work, the UAV is set to change the way missions are carried out.

Time for change

Matan Perry, VP marketing and sales at Aeronautics, explained, “The Orbiter 5 is going to change a paradigm. UAVs mainly used to be medium altitude long endurance (MALE) and big platforms. Today in the year of 2023 and especially with the recent conflicts, the world is looking for more tactical UAVs that can be operated from everywhere and does not require any runway for take-off for landing, because those are vulnerable assets during conflict, so the Orbiter 5 is exactly that. However, there is still a need to conduct very high end missions and important missions with several payloads simultaneously and that is the Orbiter 5.”


Orbiter 5 has conducted hundreds of flight hours with two operational uses worldwide, and is the culmination of years of work between Aeronautics and all of its subsidiaries.

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