RapidFlight, a designer and mass manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), is working with the United States Department of Defense (DoD) in support of the Replicator initiative, which outlines the DOD’s plan to field thousands of autonomous systems across multiple warfighting domains.

Following a groundbreaking demonstration at Technology Readiness Experimentation 2023 (TREX23-2) in Camp Atterbury, Indiana, last year, RapidFlight has successfully demonstrated the company’s ability to print, assemble, and fly long-range, high-payload unmanned aircraft in support of the Replicator Initiative.

Next, at XPONENTIAL 2024, April 22-25 at the San Diego Convention Center in California, attendees will see RapidFlight’s digital, additive manufacturing capabilities and expertise in delivering reliable, mission ready UAS solutions produced at speed and scale.

RapidFlight is capable of producing and delivering thousands of UAVs to the DoD and foreign allies with as little as six weeks lead time.

These aircraft are designed and built with reconfigurable payloads that meet a range of mission needs including ISR, EW, kinetic, swarm, and others.

“RapidFlight exists to enable the DoD and its allies to flexibly respond to urgent and evolving threats posed by strategic global competitors,” said Mike Uffelman, RapidFlight’s director of customer programmes.

“Our technology stack, ready for full commercial deployment, enables mission-customisable drone design, scalability, build-anywhere manufacturing, shorter design-to-delivery time, and reduced system costs by up to 80 percent versus existing solutions.”
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