The regional market is probably the most important as the industry progresses into a sustainable aviation future to meet the 2050 targets, and this is a key focus for Embraer’s Rodrigo Souza, VP of Marketing and Strategy.

“[Sustainability] is a must for Embraer,” he told FINN. “We have been leaders in the segment up to 150 seats for decades, and as we see new technology being developed to help sustainability and reduce carbon emissions, we see most of that being introduced into the smaller aircraft which is the core of our job. I think Embraer has a key role in paving the way to a more sustainable aviation.”

Sustainability credentials

Embraer showcased its 195-E2 aircraft at Paris Air Show 2023, demonstrating its sustainability credentials to the market. It was designed to be the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the single aisle market, and this has been achieved with 25% less fuel burn per seat compared to other aircraft on the market. “We took an aircraft that was already very efficient – the E1 – and we introduced all the new technologies, everything that was possible, to optimize fuel,” Souza explained.

The efficiency offered by the E2 has translated into lower trip cost for airlines which has enabled them to open new markets and start new routes with a lower risk – earning the aircraft the nickname ‘profit hunter’ as it “goes where competitors are not able to and then [operators] are able to explore that market more profitably,” according to Souza.

The company also released its market forecast at Paris Air Show, forecasting 11,000 aircraft in the regional market up to 150 seats and it sees that market becoming more and more relevant as the industry looks to increase its sustainability and profitability.

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