Propeller Airports has announced that Snohomish County has renamed Paine Field (PAE) “Seattle Paine Field International Airport”.

The rebranding will improve awareness of PAE among travelers searching for flights to the Seattle area, which offers a similar commute time from downtown Seattle to SeaTac (SEA).

The new name will also improve marketing opportunities, help attract more travelers, tourists, and investors to the airport, and reinforce its geographic proximity to the region’s main globally recognized business and economic hub. Seattle’s hometown carrier, Alaska Airlines, currently serves 10 destinations from PAE.

“We have always viewed Paine Field as a second gateway to the Seattle metro area and are excited that the County has rebranded the airport,” said Brett Smith, CEO of Propeller Airports. “‘Seattle Paine Field International Airport’ better captures the market that our airport serves.”

Seattle Paine Field International

The renaming of the airport to Seattle Paine Field International signifies another milestone in PAE’s evolution, supporting its growth and strategic vision while embarking on an exciting new chapter of opportunity for travelers and airlines.

The name change solely pertains to the airport’s public-facing brand, leaving the PAE location identifier unaffected, and involves no changes in the ownership, operations, or functions of the airport.

“With nearly $60 billion in yearly economic activity and over 150,000 jobs, finding ways to further grow Paine Field’s marketing and brand is one of Snohomish County’s top priorities,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers.

“This change will significantly bolster our business attraction and marketing efforts, while protecting the historical significance of the Paine Field name. Making this change will ensure businesses and travelers from around the world know that our airport serves as a crucial gateway to the entire region and the world.”

Joshua Marcy, Director of Seattle Paine Field International Airport, said: “While our name may have changed, the ownership, operations, and core mission of the airport remain unaffected. This change will provide new opportunities for our many attractions and businesses.”
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