Orion Technology Group, a manufacturer of advanced artificial intelligence UxVs and mission software, has announced the integration of Doodle Labs’ cutting-edge Mesh Rider Radios into its full line of AIM BLUE drones, including its newest X2 BLUE NANO, a cargo pocket-sized nUAS with indoor and outdoor autonomous navigation capabilities.

Orion’s Artificial Intelligence Mission (AIM) system includes three AI aerial platforms with payloads up to 10kg.

The smallest, the X BLUE NANOs, fills the need for a person-portable, body-worn UAS platform that is fully autonomous, easily carried and can provide GPS-denied ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) indoors and outdoors for tactical military and public safety teams.

The company’s nano line includes five different airframe options, modular motors and prop guards and a multitude of swappable payloads, including cameras, thermal and LIDAR scanners.

Integrating Doodle Labs’ low-SWaP (size, weight and power) Mesh Rider Radio as an available on-board datalink across the entire line provides resilient connectivity and enables advanced performance in contested and disconnected spaces without compromising even the nano drones’ tiny profiles.

The X2, the lightest frame in the modular suite of drones can be configured under 249 grams, or just over half a pound.

Doodle Labs’ radios are themselves incredibly small – the 2×2 MIMO mini Mesh Rider Radio weighs just 34 grams, while the 1×1 SISO nano version is only 26 grams – but do not skimp on performance. The company’s mini Mesh Rider Radio delivers up to 80Mbps of throughput and has been field-verified to transmit full HD video at 20+ kilometers.

Development of Doodle Labs’ Mesh Rider Radio was sponsored in part by the US Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), is on the Blue UAS Cleared components list and is NDAA-compliant. Orion’s full line of X BLUE NANO drones is also NDAA-compliant.

Doodle Labs will showcase the X2 BLUE NANO alongside its full Mesh Rider Radio lineup at its booth at Xponential 2024, one of the world’s largest drone and robotics trade shows, April 23-25 in San Diego.

“We’re always excited to learn about the new and innovative ways our customers leverage the Mesh Rider Radio, so we’re looking forward to showcasing such a unique nano-drone on our booth at Xponential,” said Doodle Labs Co-CEO Amol Parikh.

“There’s a real demand for flexible, compact, high-performance UAV platforms within the DoD, law enforcement and other agencies with tactical teams. We’re happy our high-bandwidth, low-latency radios are such a perfect fit for these newest models from Orion.”
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