AeroMech, a leader in RVSM certification, has announced that it is developing an RVSM Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), applicable to the Piper M700 Fury aircraft.

RVSM has been offered for the Piper Meridian, M500, and M600 aircraft since 2021, and it has been well received with PA-46 operators worldwide.

The RVSM STC is a performance upgrade that enables the full capability of the M700 aircraft, by allowing the aircraft to operate up to FL 300 for increased range, fuel savings, lower carbon footprint, and operational flexibility to fly above weather.

Owners investing in RVSM can also expect higher resale value with their aircraft.

The AeroMech FAA STC ODA will issue the M700 RVSM STC in Q3 2024.

Piper Aircraft will offer the RVSM STC as a factory option for new production M700 aircraft.Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter

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