Northern Pacific Airways is changing its name to New Pacific Airlines to avoid having to contest a trademark lawsuit.

CEO Rob McKinney said: “This decision is in response to pending trademark litigation and is the right strategic move for our business, customers, the communities we serve, and most importantly, the more than 400 employees of our company.

“New Pacific’s updated name symbolises our brand’s bold and decisive pivot. The word ‘new’ speaks to modern-day navigators driven by both purpose and aspiration, where the romance and grandeur of the Pacific Ocean meet the heart of exploration and discovery.

“Our home is in the majestic landscapes of Alaska and we continue to draw inspiration from the people of our great state. We would like to welcome you to New Pacific, where every flight is an opportunity to experience the world anew.”

New Pacific operations

The airline’s operations will continue uninterrupted.

In July, the carrier completed its inaugural flight from Ontario in Southern California to Las Vegas.

The Alaskan airline had planned for its first revenue flight to link the US and Asia with a stopover in Anchorage – using second-hand Boeing 757 aircraft.

But the carrier has delayed those plans, opting for the short ONT-LAS service until it is able to launch long-haul operations at a later date.

When launched, the flights are expected to link cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, and Las Vegas, with Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Japan as well as Seoul, South Korea.Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter

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