The livery designer for the latest North American airline to launch – Northern Pacific Airways – has described how he sought to capture the “allure of Alaska”.

Speaking to FINN, Edmond Huot, the Chief Creative Officer at Forward Media, said the brand and livery design of Northern Pacific Airways were “born from a deep appreciation of Alaska’s rich history and the allure of exploration”.

The Alaskan airline plans to link the US and Asia with a stopover in Anchorage – using second-hand Boeing 757 aircraft.

The flights are expected to serve New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, and Las Vegas in the US, and Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Japan as well as Seoul, South Korea, in Asia.

For now, Northern Pacific Airways is running flights between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but plans to launch those long-haul routes in the future.

Huot said: “Drawing inspiration from the rugged yet pristine beauty of the region, the brand’s palette showcases a striking contrast of black and white, with subtle hints of grey and blue-green gradients reminiscent of the mesmerising aurora borealis.

“The tail of the Boeing 757-200 is adorned with an elegant symmetrical white line motif, gracefully symbolising progress, change, and synchronisation.”

He added: “This design element pays homage to air flow and natural beauty of flight while adding a touch of modernity and romance.

“Notably, the livery stands out effortlessly both on the ground and from a distance. Its commanding colours capture attention without resorting to garish tactics often seen in other airlines’ designs.

“The livery’s strength lies in its ability to harmoniously blend with Alaskan attributes, inviting travellers with an enticing expression that is both contemporary and evocative.

“Northern Pacific Airways’ brand and livery design capture the essence of exploration, while presenting a distinctive and captivating visual identity that resonates with the allure of Alaska.”
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