EMILY (EMergency Integrated Lifesaving LanYard), an unmanned, lightweight rescue buoy, is the flagship product of Hydronalix. We found out more from the company’s Vernon Rummell.

Vernon Rummell, Director of Mission Operations, EMILY, Hydronalix, told FINN: “[EMILY] is designed for search air recovery, so it can be dropped from high ships or a helicopter. It’s made out of carbon fibre, so it’s really strong and lightweight. It can be dropped into a location and hold up to six or eight people afloat.”

Expanding on the advantages for search and rescue, Rummell said: “It’s an unmanned system so you’re taking the rescuer out of harm’s way.

“A scenario would be something like a boat or something sank and there are multiple people lost out in the water, and the Navy or Coast Guard are looking for them. They finally find several victims in the water – they can simply toss the EMILY boat outside and remotely drive it to the victims. You can have communications to them and it can hold up to six to eight people afloat.”

He added: “There’s no faster lifeguard in the world.”

EMILY is now being sold in 32 countries.

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