We’re used to seeing airlines such as Emirates and Etihad with the world’s largest passenger jets but what you might not know is that they also use much smaller planes, such as Embraer’s Phenom 100EV, to train pilots for larger aircraft.

The Emirates Flight Training Academy, for example, was one of the launch customers for the Embraer Phenom and the Phenom100EV.

Claudio Camelier, Embraer, told FINN: “Our aircraft are good for multiple types of missions – not only traditional business jet usage. In recent years, we have seen a number of clients using our jets for pilot training on the Phenom 100.

“In the Middle East region, we have Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways and both of them are using the aeroplane for training their cadets before they go into the airline as co-pilots. In other world regions, the Royal Air Force (RAF) uses the Phenom 100 to train [its] pilots.”

Making the transition

The Phenom 100EV costs around $5 million (£3.98 million). It has a take-off range of 3,190 feet, a maximum cruise speed of 406 knots and a maximum operating altitude of 41,000 feet.

Camelier explained: “The advantage of using a very advanced jet like the Phenom 100 is that on flying a jet aeroplane with highly integrated avionics automation and so on, the students and future pilots will learn from the early phases of their flying how to fly aeroplanes  that are integrated, and that have advanced, modern systems. It’s a much smoother transition once they go into the larger aeroplanes  in the airline.”

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