INEOS Nitriles has confirmed the world first sales of Invireo, a new bio-based Acrylonitrile, an essential raw material necessary in the production of carbon fibre, which delivers significant environmental benefits in the transport sector.

INVIREOTM Acrylonitrile is produced via a controlled and certified (ISCC+) mass balance route which allows INEOS Nitriles to offer customers products with a 90% reduction in their carbon footprint vs. conventional acrylonitrile-based products.

Carbon fibre is increasingly used across a variety of applications as a lightweight yet extremely durable alternative to aluminium, titanium and steel. It is used widely in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as for the production of sporting goods such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, and bicycles.

Gordon Adams, Business Director for INEOS Nitriles and INEOS Phenol businesses said:“This is a significant milestone in the delivery of INEOS Nitriles sustainability strategy. Our new bio-based acrylonitrile has the potential to significantly cut the carbon footprint of a variety of everyday industries. Consumers and businesses alike are looking for improved sustainability for their products, and this new acrylonitrile delivers that.”

As well as being a key component in the production of carbon fibre, acrylonitrile is used in a variety of other applications that enhance and support everyday life, such as sporting goods It is also essential in water purification for millions of households serving billions of people worldwide.

INEOS is the world’s largest producer of acrylonitrile and is the only producer operating in Europe, USA and Asia.
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