FINN launched this year at Paris Airshow. Since then, we’ve made over 150 videos, interviewing the who’s who of aerospace about the hottest topics and what’s next for the industry. These are the videos that most captured your attention this year.

From new metal to tech trends, 2017’s big-hitters on FINN looked like this:

1. Cirrus Vision, the world’s first single-engine personal jet

We often talk about gamechangers in aviation but the Cirrus Vision Jet looks like it really could be one.The Vision Jet is the world’s first single-engine private jet and received its Europe-type certification earlier this year. We talked to Dale Klapmeier, CEO Cirrus Aircraft, about what’s so special about this plane.

2. Saab’s new Gripen targets aggressor market

At DSEI in September, Saab presented a new variant of the Gripen fighter, the Gripen Aggressor. Richard Smith, Saab Gripen, told us: “It’s based on the proven C-series fighter and it’s customised for a specific sector – advanced adversary air combat, commonly known as the aggressor market.”

3. Introducing the BBJ MAX 7

The BBJ MAX 7 was one of the brand new aircrafts introduced at EBACE in Geneva in May. We interviewed Greg Laxton, Vice President, Boeing Business Jets, about the new top-end business aircraft.

4. Mitsubishi Regional Jet: “We’re ready to deliver the aircraft”

As the MRJ debuted at Paris Air Show this year, in the midst of its flight test programme, Lindsay McDaniel, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, told us, “It’s making progress and on track for entry into service in mid-2020…We’re ready to deliver the aircraft.”

 5. The pilot shortage threat

We talked to Nick Leontidis, Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions, CAE, about the impending shortage and what we can do about it.

 6. Diamond Aircraft CEO: New models are the only way to succeed in general aviation

We spoke to Christian Dries, CEO, Diamond Aircraft, about the DA50, Diamond’s new family of aircraft, and why it could shake up the market.

 7. Where next for Monarch Aircraft Engineering?

The news of the demise of Monarch Airlines hit the industry (and passengers) hard in October. What does this mean for Monarch Aircraft Engineering, the MRO company that supported the airline? We found out.

 8. Paris 2017: A new dawn for the aviation industry

Paris is the industry’s biggest show and where it all kicked off for FINN. According to Alan Peaford, editor-in-chief, FINN, the aviation industry “welcomed a new dawn” at this year’s event. Here’s why.

 9. Dubai Airport’s new face-scanning security tunnel

Dubai Airport plans to replace security booths with face-scanning virtual fish tanks. At GITEX, we got chance to hear more detail about the plans from Dubai Police’s Director of Smart Applications.

 10. Data matters: How one operator saved millions on fuel in months

Dawen Nozdryn-Plotnicki, Director, Advanced Analytics, Boeing Global Services, shares examples of tangible success with data analytics.

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