Get your shades on as we chat to Andy Mills, Jean Boulle Luxury, about the world’s first diamond-coated plane.

Mills said: “It took us a long time of research and development to come up with the idea and to develop the product, so maybe I think no one knew it could be done. No one realised that diamonds could be developed in this way and put on an aircraft.”

He noted that the company was able to use its experience and learnings from other industries to perfect the Sun King diamond coating.

“We didn’t start in aviation. We’ve done boats, three cars, three super cars, and now the plane,” he said. “It’s interesting looking at the different demands from each sector. Actually, marine and yachting was more difficult, but aviation was also hard to get it through all of the processes.”

Adding some sparkle

Mills added: “The aesthetic improvement it makes to a plane is unrivalled. There’s no other product out there like this, so I think there’s a lot of interest from designers who are designing coatings and the exterior of planes. We’re developing an interior product as well and there’s a lot interest in that because we’ve done a whole plane, but you can do just small bits of a plane – e.g. just picking out logos, etc.”

“As people get used to the product, then we’re going to see it used on some pretty spectacular planes.”

Watch the video to take a better look at this unique plane.

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