Lightweight, self-powered landing mat enables expeditionary forces to mark out safe landing areas

Faun Trackway’s lightweight, temporary helicopter landing mats provide a solid foundation for expeditionary forces to mark out safe landing areas.

Rob Jennings explained more about the “helipad in a box”: “The box is designed for expeditionary forces so that they have remote operations. It’s designed where the conditions or ground are problematic or difficult for helicraft.”

Mats deployable in two hours

The systems, which are deployable in about two hours enable site to become operational as a base for front line forces or for monitoring purposes.

The mats are fully equipped with stand alone power and air conditioning and  suppress dust and foreign objects for pilot and crew safety, as well as asset protection.

Jennings added: “The panels are capable of anything up to an Osprey and the system is easily transportable – and it’s simple – that’s the best word for it.”

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