Image: SATAVIA / Etihad

Etihad Airways has signed the world’s first multiyear commercial production contract to integrate contrail management within routine operations, with UK based green aerospace firm SATAVIA.

The partnership will build on a previous proof-of-concept engagement to expand the scope for contrail management within day-to-day flight operations. The partnership also incorporates an agreement to collaborate on the generation of future carbon credits from contrail management activity.

Aircraft-generated condensation trails, or contrails, cause surface warming responsible for up to two-thirds of aviation’s climate impact, significantly outweighing direct CO2 emissions from aircraft engines. SATAVIA’s contrail management platform, DECISIONX:NETZERO, optimises commercial flight plans for greener operations, implementing small routing changes on a minority of flights to avoid the formation of persistent warming contrails.

Credible sustainability advances


Mariam Al Qubaisi, head of sustainability and excellence, Etihad Airways said: “Our collaboration with SATAVIA illustrates the possibility of credible sustainability advances in day-to-day commercial operations.

“In 2022 alone, SATAVIA technology has enabled us to eliminate thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent climate impact. We are delighted to sign this pioneering contract with SATAVIA at WFES, signalling our intent to tackle aviation’s non-CO2 impacts with cutting-edge science and ground-breaking technical innovation.”

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