Image: XTEND

XTEND, the developer of XOS, a human-guided autonomous operating system that is revolutionising ‘human to machine’ interaction, has been awarded a contract by Israel Ministry of Defense for the development and supply of a first-of-its-kind multi-drone operating system.

The $20 million joint project with MAFAT and the Israeli Ministry of Directorate of Defense Research & Development, will see XOS enable the remote, safe, and intuitive operation of dozens of human-guided semi-autonomous drones simultaneously, utilising the latest virtual reality, edge processing and AI technology.

Danger free

The ground-breaking joint initiative enables operators to control, interact, and run third party applications on the drones remotely, keeping forces out of danger, while fusing an operator’s expertise with machine autonomy, VR and AI. The deal is based on performance and deliverable milestones.

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