Collinson, a global leader in the provision of airport experiences, loyalty and customer engagement solutions, and owner and operator of Priority Pass, has announced a joint venture with Joyful Journey Group, a leading air and rail digital travel experiences partner, to form ‘Joyful Journey Priority Pass’ in mainland China.

This strategic alliance will see Collinson and Joyful Journey Group combine their strengths and expertise to provide its clients, partners, and direct customers with enhanced travel experiences.

This joint venture will further strengthen Collinson’s presence in mainland China, where the company first established its presence in 2004, and underlines Collinson’s commitment to a continued focus on and investment in the market.

Known for its global expertise in delivering market-leading airport and travel experiences, as well as customer engagement solutions, Collinson’s joint venture with Joyful Journey Group will bring multiple value-added benefits for their clients and travellers.

“We are delighted to unveil our partnership with Joyful Journey Group and eagerly anticipate the immense potential offered by this significant market collaboration,” said Christopher Evans, CEO of Collinson International.

“With China’s increasing prominence as a key travel hub, this joint venture underscores our global ambition, our commitment to both clients and partners and our passion for delivering an elevated traveller experience.”

“It’s great to be able to share the news of this strategic joint venture with our partners at Joyful Journey Group, a collaboration designed to enable our clients to drive increased customer engagement and value, through our joint expertise and expanded breadth of solutions,” said Todd Handcock, Global Chief Commercial Officer and Asia Pacific President at Collinson.

“As the travel market in mainland China is forecasted to recover at pace this year, it presents an incredible opportunity for growth and innovation; and as such, this alliance is forged at an opportune time for all parties. Innovation has always been part of our DNA and we continue to evolve our solutions to empower our clients and partners to remain market-leading in this agile and competitive market. We strongly believe this partnership brings multiple benefits and we’re looking forward to working hand-in-hand with Joyful Journey Group to help elevate every journey into something special.”
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