Attracting and retaining talent is absolutely critical for the industry to strengthen and grow after the Covid-19 pandemic, Stephane Lagut, EY’s global aerospace and defence sector leader, has said.

Speaking at the Farnborough International Airshow, Lagut said: “With the high proportion of people who are going to retire in the industry over the coming five years, attracting and retaining talent is absolutely critical for the revival of the industry. Attracting and retaining talent is absolutely critical.”

Covid impact

Lagut has 30 years of experience serving large multinational companies in various industries, with a particular focus in advanced manufacturing and mobility, with deep sector knowledge in automotive and aerospace and defence.

As working practices evolve post-pandemic, such as a move towards home-working and more flexible shift patterns, he said businesses needed to stay nimble to ensure they could employ the right people for the right roles.

“People during the Covid crisis have been rethinking what their priorities are in life,” he said. “So the importance of a purpose and why people get motivated, what is inspiring for our people, is [becoming more important].”

Prioritising diversity

Lagut added: “In terms of attraction and retention, the diversity of the workforce is important. Of course we need to have the brightest minds but the best team players as well. Partnering and cooperation, I think is very critical, that’s our DNA. So having people with different sets of skills, appetites, areas of focus is very important.

“Having the diversity from geographical background, gender and all other kinds of diversity is very important to bring new ideas to life and that fruitful environment, that’s absolutely vital for the evolution of the industry.”

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