Top marks in the annual April Fool’s news story competition go to Canadian carrier WestJet for spoofing a rather airtravel-unfriendly virtual reality-meets-artificial intelligence headset:

“After almost three decades of delivering travel options to Canadians, WestJet is proud to introduce a new way for Canadians to enjoy a vacation – one that eliminates the need to actually take a vacation.

“Today, the airline is thrilled to introduce MemorEase™, an innovative new headset that uses the latest in AI technology to implant vacation memories directly into guests’ brains – offering them all the benefits of a vacation, without ever having to leave the comfort of their couch.”

As WestJet explains, the concept would appeal to even the laziest of “travelers” – those who can’t even be bothered to imagine their dream getaway:

“With WestJet’s state-of-the-art MemorEase™ headset, you can choose from an expansive collection of AI-generated vacation memories. Whether your dream getaway centres around neon lights or white sand beaches, MemorEase™ offers you the opportunity to take the vacation of your dreams. Literally.”

WestJet’s 1 April “press release” goes on to quote Director of Marketing, Jennifer Callegaro: “With MemorEase™, Canadians won’t have to choose between work obligations and family memories. Now, everyone – no matter how busy – can enjoy a vacation they’ll never forget.“

For good measure, anyone tempted to click on the MemorEase link found WestJet’s “Keep It Real” sale on flights and holiday packages.
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