Las Vegas-based technology company Remark Holdingshas released a Large Multimodal Model (LMM) AI-Powered Aviation Safety Platform (ASP) intended to help safely reduce inspection times associated with aircraft engine maintenance as well as provide anti-collision tools for aircraft towing and other functionalities, all while improving the collection and reporting of essential performance data in a multi-modal format.

The ASP uses a large multimodal model to provide several functionalities included in three essential components: an engine inspection kit; an aircraft towing anti-collision system, and a large multimodal model for business intelligence and reporting.

The portable Aero-engine Inspection Kit (AIK) detects damage to aircraft engines, including damage such as combustion chamber erosion, tear detection, blade curl, ablation, dimples or pits, lap wear, and misalignment. Upon recognizing such damage, the AIK evaluates it for severity and automatically generates an inspection report with detailed images, thereby reducing staff workload and inspection times from days to approximately 30 minutes, allowing for real-time, pre-flight inspections before takeoff.

The Towing Anti-Collision System (TACS) provides aircraft towing operators with functionalities that look for, warn of, and, thereby, potentially prevent accidents. The system helps those towing airplanes to avoid obstacles by utilizing the cockpit screen to provide a real-time, three-dimensional view of the aircraft’s travel path, a dynamic environment status, and potential collision warnings. The AIK’s functionalities include collision prediction, speed monitoring, and detection of abnormal driving, and it incorporates LIDAR to provide comprehensive coverage under all weather conditions.

“Having first launched Remark AI’s Railway and now Aviation Safety Platforms, it speaks to the strength of the multi-modal AI platform. We will launch our Safety Platform for Marine and Sea shortly, completing Remark AI’s comprehensive logistics and transportation offerings. With our recently announced partnership with Microsoft, we are pleased to offer our commercial applications to their customers through Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace,” says Kai-Shing Tao, Chief Executive Officer of Remark Holdings.
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