Alauda Aeronautics is to build a hyper factory for Airspeeder, the world’s first racing series for electric flying cars following a A$20 million funding award from the Central Government of Australia.

The flying car factory, which will be located in the Australian Space Park in Adelaide, would mark another world first. In a world exclusive, Airspeeder Head of Communications James Warren told FINN he was delighted to make the funding announcement at the Global Urban Advanced Air Summit, “given just how vibrant the industry is here.”

He explained “The Central government of Australia has just announced that we’ve been awarded funding to the tune of A$20 million as part of a consortium of incredible aerospace space and technical companies down in South Australia.”

“And what that’s going to enable us to do is build the world’s first hyper factory for electric flight race cars. So a massive moment for Airspeeder, a massive moment for a Alauda, a huge moment for South Australia but a really big moment as well for the eVTOL industry.”

Warren said the milestone would have wider implications beyond air racing. He explained: “It’s not just the context of Airspeeder, it’s the context of the entire eVTOL industry. I think we talked a lot about the purpose of racing, going back to the dawn of the automotive age, the dawn of the aviation age.”

“Making the flying car revolution a much sooner reality”

“It’s racing that accelerates development. It’s racing, that builds acceptance. It’s racing that gets us excited about a mobility revolution. So to have such big endorsement from a huge government fund, down in South Australia, what that does is turbo charges this industry, turbo charges flying car racing and it’s really going to make the flying car revolution a much sooner reality.”

Matt Pearson, CEO & Founder of Airspeeder and Alauda Aeronautics added: “This significant investment from the Government of Australia is affirmation of South Australia’s rapidly growing status as a global centre of excellence in space and advanced aerospace manufacturing. We are proud to establish the world’s first electric flying racing car hyper-factory. In doing so, we add to the ranks of world-class engineering, technical and design talent within Alauda that is collectively working towards delivering the most exciting next generation motorsport on the planet.”

“This endeavour is rapidly accelerating the eVTOL mobility revolution. Put simply, racing turbo-charges progress and investments like this at a government level enables rapid innovation and growth.”

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