Research by online parking platform shows big discrepancy between the cost of flights to European cities and the cost of airport parking

Research released by, an online platform which lists driveways available to rent near airports, has found that airport parking can cost up to £275 for seven days during the half term period.

The fee is being charged at London Gatwick for the period from October 26 to November 2 at its premium short stay North Terminal facilities, which are the closest to the terminal and offer slightly larger parking bays. Other North Terminal options include short stay (£186), valet parking (£82) and long stay (£69).

easyJet flights from Gatwick to Paris during half term can be purchased for £79 – £196 more than its priciest parking option.

“Sky high” parking costs

Parking at Terminal 2 of Europe’s busiest airport, London Heathrow, costs £149 for the half-term week in the short-stay car park, or £94 using the long-stay option. British Airways return flights to Munich cost just £90 over the same dates.

Elsewhere, London City airport’s on-site parking costs £102 for the week and at Glasgow airport official fast track flex plus parking costs £89.99 – around three times the price of a return flight to Dublin (£29).

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “The price of official parking at some of the UK’s busiest airports is sky high.”

A spokesperson for Gatwick Airport told The Independent, which was reporting on the UK’s high parking costs: “The price quoted is for our premium service, but Gatwick offers a range of cheaper parking options so that passengers are able to choose the option that suits them best.”

“As with other airports, the cost of parking varies depending on demand, but prices can be found on our website so passengers are able to make an informed choice on their chosen option.”

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