Qantas’ 19 hour, 16 minute, test flight from New York to Sydney touched down this week. Tell us how you would get through the world’s longest flight – take our Twitter poll @WeAreFinn

Qantas Airways took steps towards launching of the world’s longest nonstop flight from New York to Sydney this week.

The ultra-long haul 16,200 kilometre test trip on the Boeing 787-9 took 19 hours and 16 minutes from its departure from New York’s John F Kennedy Airport to the Australian city.

The trip gave Qantas the opportunity to see how the 49 passengers and crew coped with the flight with a range of tests to monitor health and wellbeing of those on board.

Data from these experiments will be used help shape crew rostering and customer service on Qantas’ ultra long haul flights of the future, dubbed Project Sunrise. Tests ranged from monitoring pilot brain waves, melatonin levels and alertness, through to exercise classes for passengers.

Take our poll @WeAreFinn

In a less scientific-based research project, FINN wants to know what you would need to get you through a non-stop, 20 hour flight.

What would you want to take on board, or what would be services would you like to see within the aircraft to make your journey that little bit more comfortable?

Lighting and meals adjusted to reduce jetlag

Qantas adjusted cabin lighting and in-flight meals during the journey to help reduce jetlag, in accordance with advice from medical researchers and scientists.

Arriving in Sydney, Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said: “This is a really significant first for aviation. Hopefully, it’s a preview of a regular service that will speed up how people travel from one side of the globe to the other.”

“We know ultra long haul flights pose some extra challenges but that’s been true every time technology has allowed us to fly further. The research we’re doing should give us better strategies for improving comfort and wellbeing along the way.”

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