Aerion has selected GE Aviation to study engine development for its supersonic business jet.

After two years of preliminary study, Aerion Corporation and GE Aviation announced that they have launched a formal process to define and evaluate a final engine configuration for the AS2 supersonic business jet.

Aerion CEO Doug Nichols, said: “We have thoroughly evaluated over two dozen civil and military engines from all leading engine producers over the past two years and believe that working with GE Aviation will help us meet the challenging specifications needed to meet our performance objectives, as well as the high expectations of our customers.”

Brad Mottier, GE Vice President and General Manager for Business and General Aviation & Integrated Services added: “Aerion sees an opportunity to pioneer a new segment in business aviation and more broadly for civil aviation. Their goal is to design and certify the first civil supersonic aircraft in half a century. We welcome their vision and are excited to continue discussions on engine configuration.”