Trip planning and handling specialist Jetex announced it will provide FBO services and ground handling support across 15 locations within the Edeis Airports network in France.

This new partnership officially comes into play on June 1, 2017.

The 15 FBOs will join existing Jetex facilities based in France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Ukraine, amongst others, bringing the total number of Jetex locations in Europe to 25.

“This partnership further expands the Jetex network across France, creating a stronger foothold for us in Europe,” said Jetex CEO & president, Adel Mardini.

Youssef Sabeh, general manager of Edeis, added: “Under this agreement, we combine the excellence of the Edeis Airports network with Jetex’s reputation as a first-rate FBO provider, enabling each of us to grow our business aviation objectives. As a result, Edeis and Jetex clients will enjoy access to unmatched levels of service.”

Locations within the Edeis Airports network that are included in the agreement are Angoulême, Annecy Mont Blanc, Auxerre, Bourges, Châlon, Cherbourg, Dijon Bourgogne, Le Havre, Nimes Camargue Cévennes, Reims, Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées, Toulouse Francazal, Tours Vale de Loire, Troyes, and Vannes Golfe du Morbihan. The partnership will extend to other airports managed by Edeis in the future.

A joint statement from the companies said: “Leveraging Edeis’s local expertise and Jetex’s ground handling experience, clients benefit from increased convenience when travelling throughout France.”

Additionally, the partnership opens up direct access to Jetex’s full range of services, including global trip planning, fuelling and bespoke concierge services.

The statement notes: “As one of the largest FBO networks in France, the partnership is set to bring more private aviation traffic to the country.”