With the deadline for ADS-B Out (Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast) now just weeks away from coming into force over US airspace, FINN caught up with Leon Kouters of GKN Fokker Services who explained how the technology specialists were helping smaller fleets to meet the deadline

Time is running out for operators to comply with the ADS-B Out mandate which comes into force in the US on January 1 2020.

The new mandate will require aircraft to transmit its own GPS position via the Mode S transponder, regardless of whether it is being interrogated by a ground radar or by other aircraft’s TCAS. The GPS source must meet high accuracy and integrity requirements available from a qualified WAAS GPS.

European mandate comes into force on July 1

The US airspace mandate will be effective from the beginning of the new year and will become compulsory for European airspace in July 1 2020. Non compliance to the January 1 deadline would result in aircraft being unable to fly over US airspace.

The regulation will affect all sizes of fleets. GKN Fokker Services is offering a solution targeted at smaller fleets. Leon Kouters, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GKN Fokker Services said: “It’s certainly going to be a tight spot to get it all done on time but we are working with them, giving them a total solution, we are giving them everything they need on order to do the modification, but the deadline is looming.”

GKN Fokker Services provides the engineering bulletin, insulation kit and manual update so fleets have all the aspects needed to comply with the mandate.

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