Adarga has launched its Vantage information analysis tool at DSEI 2023, which is aimed at helping the UK and its allies to make better use of information and data in military decision making.

Vantage uses AI models designed specifically for defence applications to enable analysts and planners to collect, assess and interpret the overwhelming volumes of information over 20 times faster than traditional methods, and deliver dynamic insight and improved foresight to decision-makers at all levels.

CEO of Adarga Rob Bassett Cross said, “Geostrategic pressures across the world have never been greater than in the past half century. Understanding the causes and effects to global security and geopolitics is complex, and understanding where this will lead is uppermost on all organisations’ agendas.

“As the speed, scale and complexity of the threats we face increase, so must the capabilities of the technologies we employ to analyse, interpret and combat them. At Adarga we are committed to supporting the UK and our Allies in the constant race for information advantage, and as such, will continue to develop our technology to not just match, but exceed, the pace of our adversaries.”

Vantage enables users to interact with and interrogate information in powerful new ways, using a single search to explore summarised, interlinked and contrasting themes in minutes. It also features question and answer capabilities to enable users to find credible, evidenced responses in natural language from the open-source and organisational information that’s been curated by the customer.

Adarga Vantage is available to buy today and has already been rolled out to Adarga’s existing military, government and commercial customers including the Ministry of Defence.

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