QinetiQ has entered into a strategic partnership with Adarga, one of the UK’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) software developers to harness the power of data for the defence and security markets.

The partnership will combine Adarga’s leading enterprise AI analytics platform with QinetiQ’s experience of helping defence and security customers take a mission-led approach to implementing innovative ideas and technologies. This will enable organisations across defence and central government to harness the untapped power from the increasing volume and complexity of information resources at their disposal. The collaboration will accelerate the deployment of cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities, enabling information to be exploited at speed to counter threats, a vital capability in today’s fast-moving and competitive Information Age.

Platform automates information analysis at high speed

The partnership is an example of how a closer collaboration between SMEs and large public sector contractors enables the defence sector to take advantage of leading-edge AI solutions and expertise. Customers across defence and central government will benefit from Adarga’s cutting-edge AI software which combines Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning and network science technology to automate the analysis of vast amounts of information at high speed, helping organisations to discover the deep and critical insights that drive faster and better decisions.

QinetiQ’s experience in deploying innovative information systems within the sector will ensure more organisations can quickly utilise Adarga’s platform by integrating with existing enterprise technology and building further trust and assurance in the performance of the software.

Adarga’s technology creates a rich, interconnected picture from both open and organisational data sources within a single secure platform. The company uses high-fidelity AI models trained to understand and analyse complex defence and national security data, called the Adarga Knowledge PlatformTM. The platform supports analysts, planners and decision makers in retaining institutional knowledge, evaluating complex situations and remaining threat-focused without having to apply human, time-intensive resources in complex analytical tasks.

Keeping pace with evolving threats is vital

Robert Bassett Cross, CEO of Adarga said: “We are very pleased to be working in this innovative partnership with QinetiQ to support our Defence and National Security customers in harnessing the powerful capabilities provided by modern AI and software driven technology. In our rapidly changing world, keeping pace with the evolving nature of the threat will be vital.”

“Delivering world leading technology solutions to support our customers in an increasingly competitive and complex global environment will not be met by one company alone. Closer collaboration between SMEs and global businesses like QinetiQ is crucial in tackling our customers’ most complex problems and accelerating the critical deployment of world-leading technology such as AI. Innovative approaches to partnering are an essential component in enabling our customers to sustain a competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic, complex and fast-paced world.”

Adarga technology combines with QinetiQ technical expertise

Dr Vicki Saward, Information Advantage Campaign Director of QinetiQ added: “Exploiting data and digital technology to achieve information advantage for our customers across the globe is a key part of our strategy. Building partnerships with innovative SMEs like Adarga, so their technology can be combined with our deep technical expertise and understanding of defence and security customers’ requirements is a crucial part of this ambition. It’s vital we collaborate with innovative new entrants to the sector so together we can demonstrate how science and technology underpins a successful future for defence and security success.”


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