New structures, processes and being “willing to let go of your greatest asset” are among the conversations taking place nearly a month after the launch of the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter’s (WIAAC) Propelling a Gender Balanced Industry report.

The Charter commissioned global organisational consulting firm, Korn Ferry to create a report analysing the lack of gender balance within the sector. Korn Ferry compiled the findings by surveying 1,500 people across and outside of the sector to gain insights into their experiences and identify trends.

Report downloaded 286 times

The report, which is available to download here has been downloaded 286 times so far since its launch on November 11 (88 per cent female, 12 per cent male). Of those downloading it, 17 per cent were senior leaders (82 per cent female, 18 per cent male).

Anne-Marie Taylor, Associate Client Partner at Korn Ferry, said publication of the report had already opened up a number of important conversations, including having the willingness to change organisational procedures which hinder diversity:

“Both genders reported that people aren’t asking them about their ambitions and their aspirations – where do they want to go and what can be done to help them achieve that?”

“So, if I could achieve one thing on the back of this research, it’s more conversations and being willing to let go of your greatest assets as part of encouraging them to progress their careers, that would be the one thing behaviourally but then thinking about structures, there’s going to be processes, practices that you’re responsible for but they are driving inequality.”

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