Boeing estimates the aerospace services market is worth $2.6 trillion globally over the next ten years ($1.7 trillion of that in Europe). We talked to David Longridge, VP, Commercial Services, Boeing, about why this area of business is growing so fast.

“One of the great things that we offer that MROs perhaps fall short on is the ability to offer a huge spectrum of services, including training, digital products, navigational data products…[through to] maintaining air-worthiness for your airplane.”

By David Longridge, VP, Commercial Services, Boeing

Skills shortage

Tackling the aerospace skills shortage is another key area of focus, Longridge said.

“We see that there are pockets of unexpected high demand around the world and we’re working with airlines everywhere on all different continents to get them the pilots that they need. It’s a pressing problem – it’s not just pilots but also engineers and cabin crew. We’re committed to training every aspect of the aerospace marketplace in order to get the airlines the people that they need.

“Norwegian is a great example. Not only do we train all of their pilots…we also maintain airworthiness for both their 737 MAX and 787 fleets…We let Norwegian focus on things like tickets and revenue and getting passengers on the airplane, and making sure passengers have a great experience.”