Westcap Management has completed an investment in Northway Aviation and Northway Aircraft Leasing, a regional aviation company providing remote Manitoba and Ontario communities with scheduled and chartered passenger and freight transportation services. Founded in 1962, Northway has remained owned by members of the Johnson family.

Northway is a transportation partner for more than fifteen communities and First Nations, including Pauingassi, Little Grand Rapids, Poplar River, Garden Hill, Red Sucker Lake and Deer Lake. With over 10,000 scheduled flights per year, Northway provides near-daily service to these communities, connecting them with its base of operations at St. Andrews Airport just twenty minutes north of Winnipeg. Over the past several years, Northway has expanded its fleet to nine aircraft to better meet the travel and freight needs of northern communities and their growing populations due to the increased mining and infrastructure opportunities in northern Manitoba.

Grant Kook, Westcap chief executive, says: “We look forward to supporting the Northway team in their ambitious plans to further expand essential services to more communities across Manitoba.”

The current ownership group will maintain a significant investment in the business. Says chief executive Chris Mellen: “This investment represents the next big step in the Northway story. We are excited to partner with Westcap to begin the next phase of our growth. Over the last five years, we have made significant investments in our fleet and have continually optimized our services to best meet the growing needs of our passengers. We look forward to continuing this growth trajectory alongside our new partners to provide even more Manitobans and Ontarians with competitive critical airline services.”
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